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Troop Sponsorship Program
My name is Colin Burgos, Founder of Combat Ready USA. We are a supplier of the most advanced and modernized tactical products to our nation's Armed Forces since 2006. Our prime objective is to compete for contracts with the US Government for tactical products that are subsequently issued to individual Troops as part of a "basic gear kit". Although it is understandable that the supply system cannot personalize the equipment issued to each individual, the need for additional and upgraded equipment is great. In response, the US Military allows Troops to purchase approved items that were not issued in addition to items that are more tailored to that individual's job and mission.

In January, 2008, Combat Ready USA expanded from a government-direct (only) provider and opened the doors to the first and only retail store in San Clemente, California, outside the gates to Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton. The intent: to meet the demand for a reliable and physical location for our local servicemen and women to acquire gear that best fits their needs.

About the Combat Ready USA
Troop Sponsorship Program
Our goal is to provide a channel for individuals or corporations that wish to sponsor a Troop or an organization of Troops by providing funds for the additional equipment they need for their scheduled combat tour. This program relieves Troops that are financially challenged from the limitation of purchasing only what they can afford and allows them to attain the gear they need without sacrificing quality.

As a former US Marine myself, I know how important it is for each Troop to be confident in the equipment they use while operating in hostile environments.


  • Money can be donated by check, credit card, or wire transfer
  • An account will be opened in the name of the sponsor and will be allocated to a specific recipient(s)
  • A receipt will be provided to the sponsor
  • The recipient(s) will then be notified of the sponsorship (Sponsor can be announced as anonymous if elected)
  • The recipient(s) will purchase items against the open account until funds are depleted
  • Combat Ready USA will donate 20% of proceeds to the INJURED MARINE SEMPER FI FUND! 

Each sponsor will receive an official Certificate of Appreciation from Combat Ready USA detailing the Marine Corps Unit the donation benefited. Sponsors that donate $1000 or more will receive this certificate on an exclusive laser engraved plaque honoring their contribution.

Timeline to Contribute to the TSP
There are 4 Marine Corps Battalions scheduled to deploy overseas between January and March of 2009. Excluding purchases made throughout the year, our records show each Troop spends an additional $200 - $300 on new equipment within thirty days of their overseas tour. The general breakdown for a Battalion is as follows:

  • Troop (1) $300
  • Team (4-5) $1,000
  • Platoon (40-50) $10,000
  • Company (250-300) $60,000
  • Battalion (1500) $300,000

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Supporting Articles
"The basic problem is that new technology is coming into use much faster than the traditional military procurement system can deal with. There's more useful, often life-saving, gear the troops can use for sale. And the troops don't wait for the military to get around to stocking the new stuff, and they are not shy about telling each other, or the media, how great the unofficial gear is. Overall, this is a good thing. The new equipment usually is superior, and makes the troops more effective. The military also gets the stuff straight to the field testing phase, and can then confidentially buy it for everyone if no problems are uncovered".
 -The Strategy Page

"With Camp Pendleton based Marines and sailors being tapped once again for a deployment to Iraq, many are flocking to off-base retailers and online stores to buy the gear they want and think they need to complete their mission. Flashlights, slings, knives, sunglasses and hydration systems are at the tops of many Marines' shopping lists and the bills are adding up. They're all pieces of gear the Marine Corps doesn't offer through the supply system and Marines want to make their jobs a little easier while deployed. The result is Marines are taking matters into their own hands and that's taking money from their own pockets".

"The idea now is, 'If it helps Joe do the mission, let him have it -- as long as it's not hot pink.' "It's a giant change in the military mind-set".
- Logan Coffey, Founder of Tactical Tailor,
a Combat Ready USA vendor.

Thank You
Thank you for taking the time to read about this program. If you are interested in participating or have any question/comments, please contact me directly. 

Semper Fidelis,

Colin Burgos
Founder, Combat Ready USA

10665 Lake Haven Dr
Dallas, TX 75238
P: 949.276.2333
C: 949.510.6879
Ready USA
Donates 20%
of Proceeds
from TSP
to the IMSFF

Established in May 2004, the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund is a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 organization that has provided over 11,000 grants totaling over $26 million in assistance to our Nation's OEF/OIF wounded heroes and families. This assistance helps with immediate financial needs and perpetuating needs, such as modified transportation, home modifications, and specialized equipment. 

"I will be forever grateful to Combat Ready USA for starting this wonderful program. Without their wisdom and kindness in working with me I could have never succeeded in raising enough money to outfit my son, LCPL Alex W. Casqueira U.S.M.C., and his Unit, with the best equipment possible for his 2ND deployment to Iraq, where he is currently serving. I would like to thank the community of Wasilla, Alaska; Sears, Wal-Mart and the American Legion for their generous donations and for sponsoring my son and his fellow Marines." 
Forever Thankful, 
Joanne Casqueira, Marine Mom