About Combat Ready USA
COMBAT READY USA 10665 Lake Haven Dr, Dallas, TX 75238 P: 949-276-2333
GSA Schedule - GS-07F-0416Y
8(a) Certified - Case Number 304746

Veteran-Owned Small Business
Minority-Owned Small Business
Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB)
Cage Code - 4ZJJ2

Combat Ready USA is a Veteran-Owned and operated source for military and law enforcement tactical supplies.

Our knowledge and experience with the products we support has enriched over the past decade through real-world situations and now holds an integral role in our selection of products offered to our customers. 

Now that we are veterans, we leave the hostile theaters to be patrolled by our customers. Our goal now is simply to help get them Combat Ready! 


At Combat Ready USA, we focus our product lines on first-class individually operated tactical enhancing products. In other words, theater-specific items that are worn or operated by only one individual and that serves the purpose of elevating that Operator's capability and survivability in hostile environments.


Our mission is to be the prime source for individually operated tactical enhancing products that save lives and multiply combat forces. 

We support our mission statement by (but not limited to): 

  • Solely distributing and retailing high quality, government-approved products
  • Employing knowledgeable and influential Veteran professionals to target product solutions for our customers
  • Learning from our customers which theater-specific items are necessary for our company to provide
Customer Service:

We understand that the products offered at Combat Ready USA are significant and personal in nature to the Operator and it is important that we continue to build trust relationships with our customers. Along with offering products of the highest quality, our knowledgeable and friendly team keeps each customer updated with accurate delivery schedules, new products information, current company events and promotions. Staying in touch with our customers throughout the sales process and after demonstrates our commitment to elite customer service. 

Most importantly, we fine-tune our growth and development strategies from customer feedback and suggestions. In other words, we let the customers decide what is important to be done in our business.